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SimpliFly – our mobile app

If you are one of the many individuals experiencing the fear of flying, you should know that you are okay and that there is nothing wrong with you. 

We can help you overcome this fear! SimpliFly is a complete system that was designed to help you defeat aerophobia. Designed just for you, we have created (and are continuously improving) this app to help fearful flyers!

The app includes the following features, all designed to give you peace of mind during a flight:

The entire SimpliFly video course

This includes over two hours and twenty video clips that teach you what you must know in order to feel good while onboard a plane. We discuss all the aspects of airline aviation: pilots, planes, law, weather, and, of course, turbulence.

Short audio clips

Sometimes it’s easier just to listen to the facts and relax. We do recommend listening to our audio program after going through the detailed video course.

Moving map - Coming Soon

With SimpliFly, you can get a weather forecast for the flight, so you know exactly what to expect while in the air. While flying, you can see the plane’s location. (if you have GPS reception or internet service) You can also see where there might be areas of rough weather, and its forecasted intensity, so you can mentally prepare. Knowing ahead of time what might happen and when removes the fear that results from.

Chat with a pilot

Whenever you feel that you need some answers or encouragement, you can tap the chat button and our system will find a pilot who will chat with you and give you answers. They will calm you and give you suggestions based on their flying experience and knowledge. We have a network of pilots all around the world and one of them will be able to help you, even if you are flying.
This chat can look like this (this was done via WhatsApp)

How can airlines help you?

We are in touch with numerous airlines, are working with them, and are helping them to create the perfect environment for you.
When flying with an airline which is cooperating with SimpliFly, you will be able to watch our media on the inflight entertainment system (if existing onboard) of the plane and listen to our audio clips.
We also train the airline’s cabin crew so they can provide you with the proper assistance in your times of need.
In some cases, and only with your approval, we can notify cooperating airlines before you fly so that the cabin crew is ready to help you.

Thank you for downloading SimpliFly!

Scan our QR code with your phone’s camera to download your free trial of SimpliFly.

Now available for IOS & Android devices.

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