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If you are one of the many individuals experiencing the fear of flying, you should know that you are okay and that you have nothing wrong with you. We can help you overcome this fear! SimpliFly is a complete system that was designed to help you defeat aerophobia.


There are millions of nervous flyers out there who need reassurance that everything on their flight is going to be ok. These brave people are about to take a bold step to fly, despite their fear. What they could really use: direct answers or support from a professional.


Nervous flyers are a wealth of untapped potential. With between 1 to 2.5 billion potential customers having a fear of flying, the opportunity to increase your revenue is huge. And it’s not just them. That’s a lot of people not flying who could be filling your seats.


Close to 30% of the population is afraid to fly. While some simply avoid air travel, many are suffering through their journeys from airport to airport. These passengers occasionally cause delays by refusing to embark, distracting and preoccupying your busy airport staff.

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