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Simplifly in Australia & New Zealand

Want to overcome the fear of flying?
The successful SimpliFly program is now available in Australia and New Zealand

A few words about the program

According to professional estimates, about 30% of the entire population is afraid of flying. Some of them still fly, but with deep anxiety and many of them completely avoid flying because of a fear that paralyzes them. The SimpliFly program, developed by airline Captain, Alon Pereg, is based on more than 40 years of flying experience and was designed for all those dealing with flight anxiety. This program has helped thousands over the years to overcome their fear and enjoy the benefits of air travel.

Today, the program is integrated into SIMPLIFLY’s mobile application.

Introducing Captain Jeremy Burfoot

Jeremy is a 45 year veteran of aviation and an aviation themed author. He joined the New Zealand Air Force in 1978 as a navigator then went on to fly small commercial aircraft in the mountains of Papua New Guinea. He joined Qantas in 1984 and became a 747 captain at the age of 31. He finished his flying career as an A380 captain with over 23,000 hours of experience.

The program includes:

In the seminar, the participants are exposed to various content that helps them deal with their fear, overcome it and eventually fly without fear! This content includes, among other things, facts and data from four main areas:

Note: the program is educational and does not involve any treatment, therapy or medications.


$795 Australia / $835 NZ

Per participant

Each participant gets benefits worth AUD 180/NZD 190 for using all the contents of the application for a period of six months and credits for chatting with a pilot before and during the flight.

One on one courses are available in person or online, as are courses for corporate groups.

For more information about the program, leave details here and we will contact you.

Thank you for downloading SimpliFly!

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Now available for IOS & Android devices.

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