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Views from the cockpit: a pilot (and passionate photographer)

Captain Udi Gazit: Pilot, photographer, writer, and hiker.

I was born to fly. (Yes, it’s just like that!) 
You could say that flight is in my blood. My father was a pilot and I have flown from my earliest memories. For me, flight is like romance, a mutual courtship. It’s a mutual paragon between me and the plane, or as I like to say, my plane.
My airplane allows me to see our world from a bird’s eye view; I’ve seen breathtaking sights of nature’s beauty both day and night, in the clearest blue skies and in the thickest, grayest fog. 

You can sometimes see both sunrise and sunset during one flight. The lighting is always different, and the angle is different, which gives innovation and creativity. It is a great privilege to see the amazing forces of nature in action from various angles above the Earth. There is simply not enough time to photograph them all.

There is nothing like flying along the front line of a thunderstorm and enjoying the ‘electricity’ in the air. Or get to see the Aurora Borealis, which each and every time still stuns me with its majesty. In magical moments like these, I lean my head into the cockpit window to devour the beauty minute by minute.


Natural landscapes are strikingly different between the seasons. There is nothing like flying in the far north in the wintertime when it is completely covered in white, while in the summer you can see the snowmelt. It is, however, very sad to glimpse the declining glaciers in the north (an indication of continued global warming). Or to fly in the summer over China’s Gobi Desert, which is desolate and yellow, but in winter enshrouded in white.

It’s lovely to see the endless deserts that in winter get a plume of green paint, or the broad canyons like the Grand Canyon, with its colors changing along with the seasons.

Note that I do not use any filters. It’s lovely for me to capture these images just as my eye experiences them; I hope they might inspire your next journey. 
Author’s note: I distribute my photos mostly on Facebook on my Udi Gazit page. And you’re welcome to have a look. Thanks to Alon for inviting me to post here and share photos from my time as a pilot…what I believe to be the very best job out there.

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