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9 quick tips for stress-free flying

By Alon Pereg

No matter what you celebrate, the annual winter holidays are both a remarkably wonderful and stressful time for many. We’re often not only dealing with end-of-year activities in our jobs or caring for our children or other relatives, but also suddenly find ourselves in the role of travel agent, private chef, party planner, personal assistant, and as of the past two years, also medically informed, pandemic-aware citizen. Add a fear of flying into the mix, and then things get really complicated.
This may sound very familiar to you. It might even be you—or someone you love.
Fearful flyers tend to delay critical decisions about vacation travel, or even if travel arrangements are set, they often opt to repress their feelings until the flight draws near.
Then they panic. (There’s a reason why airport bars are occupied at 9 in the morning.)
Once that anxiety rises, would-be travelers struggle to process logical information about flying—even if it comes from a respected and knowledgeable authority.
But it’s possible to allow yourself to actually enjoy your holiday upcoming travel. Moreover, you can prevent your fear from transferring to family members, who may be negatively impacted by stress and anxiety that you (unintentionally) shift onto them.
What can you do to get ready?

Before taking off

1.      Give yourself time to prepare for your next flight. We recommend starting to use the SimpliFly app at least two weeks before your departure.

  • Do the entire video course in the original order.
  • Check out the audio section (under Media) to find short, helpful clips to listen to while inflight.
  • Ensure you have credits to chat with a pilot (our premium users receive 15 minutes for free).
  • Download media to your device for offline use and faster operation.

  1. Select the most relevant subject and learn about it. Use the search function (Media -> Everything) to focus on the aspects of air travel that bother you most.
  2. Chat with a pilot at least once before flying. This allows them to address your most critical concern(s).
  3. Avoid canceling your flight in haste. Listen to the special clip in the podcast section before you consider canceling a flight due to anxiety.
  4. Get familiar with the clips that may be most helpful while inflight. These include Takeoff, Turbulence (both audio and video), Confronting the fear (video), and Exercises (audio). 

While in flight

6. Focus on maintaining control of your emotions. It’s absolutely OK to be scared but remind yourself that the fear you’re feeling is an internal false alarm.
7. Listen to the Reality Check exercise. This has been designed to help you to embrace your fear and recognize the signs that show you there’s no cause for concern.
8. Seek help from trained staff. It can be a flight attendant, or if you have internet connection, use SimpliFly to chat with an off-duty pilot.
9. Recognize that fear does NOT equal imminent danger. Be aware of the possibility that fear may very well arise, but that it doesn’t mean you must succumb to it. Accept your emotions for what they are, check on the factors we describe and reset your stress level.

Our team at SimpliFly wishes you a joyful holiday season, and we look forward to helping you to make happy memories along the entire journey. 


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